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CSK would like to recognize outstanding members of our kehillah through a new Volunteer Recognition Program, Mitnadev. This program is designed for our chaverim to recognize a member who has led a project that has had a significant impact on the synagogue or a member who has gone above and beyond expectations for CSK. The Mitnadev Committee will review all nominees. Selected honorees will be notified of their recognition and interviewed by a Mitnadev committee member. The honoree will be recognized via our CSK Social Media.

*Whosoever is of a willing heart (nadiv libo) -- Because the heart prompts one to generosity, that person is called ‘one who is prompted to generosity by the heart’.” Exodus 35:5

Meet our October 2024 Mitnadvim Recipients!





CSK is a very special congregation. We are small and we are mighty. Our congregation exists because of our chaverim, our members, and especially our chaverim who selflessly give of themselves and volunteer continuously. CSK recognizes those outstanding members of our kehillah through a volunteer recognition program called the Mitnadev Award. This award was designed to recognize members of our congregation who have had a significant impact on the synagogue and who have gone above and beyond to support CSK.

Today, we have chosen not to honor just one member, but the entire Foreman family. Michelle serves on our Board of Trustees and is the Chair of the Education Committee. Ralph is our VP of Finance. And Jacob not only continuously lends his parents to us, but he is also just as active as they are. This family exemplifies what it means to volunteer and give selflessly from their heart. Besides their duties and obligations as board members, you can find them in the kitchen setting up for a Shabbat dinner or cleaning up afterwards. They are the first to help set up and clean up for programs. For our Open House this year, Jacob had a basketball game – what a surprise – so Michelle and Jacob came here an hour before the program, helped set up, went to basketball, and then came back after to help clean. All the while, they left Ralph here to teach our congregants how to log in to their accounts and set up their ACH transfers. They have also been instrumental in getting our congregation to a hockey game each year. And Jacob, wow! Whether he is at Shabbat, religious school, or a fun program – he comes to me no less than a dozen times throughout to ask, “Miss Kim, what can I do to help?” If I let him, he probably would have set up for his own Bar Mitzvah! Jacob sets up tables and chairs, takes out the garbage, and helps in the religious school. Even as a student, he would go above and beyond in the classroom to assist – and now that he has become a Bar Mitzvah, he will become an official madrich, teaching assistant. There is nothing that this family isn’t willing to do to make sure that CSK is always thriving.

The Foreman family exemplifies what it means to not only be part of a kehillah, but also to ensure that the kehillah is part of them. We appreciate the countless hours that this family donates to CSK – without expecting anything in return!

The Foreman family definitely have willing hearts and it is so beautiful to see how they are passing this spirit of generosity from the heart l’dor vador! Please join me in wishing all of the Foremans a huge mazel tov on receiving this much-deserved Mitnadev Award.

Sat, May 18 2024 10 Iyyar 5784