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CSK would like to recognize outstanding members of our kehillah through a new Volunteer Recognition Program, Mitnadev. This program is designed for our chaverim to recognize a member who has led a project that has had a significant impact on the synagogue or a member who has gone above and beyond expectations for CSK. The Mitnadev Committee will review all nominees. Selected honorees will be notified of their recognition and interviewed by a Mitnadev committee member. The honoree will be recognized via our CSK Social Media.

*Whosoever is of a willing heart (nadiv libo) -- Because the heart prompts one to generosity, that person is called ‘one who is prompted to generosity by the heart’.” Exodus 35:5

Meet our Mitnadev Recipient!

Howard Katz



Howard and his wife, Tali, have been members of our growing shul since 2006. They moved from Maryland to South Florida and joined CSK because of the warm welcome they received from our chaverim.

Howard immediately started volunteering. Not only did he bring his kindness and gentle nature to our shul, but he also shared with us his technical skills and talents. As a retired professional Electrical Engineer, Howard has helped maintain our facility for over 14 years.

He repairs lighting and toilets and has helped to improve our security. Howard’s most important singular accomplishment, was securing a Federal Grant from Homeland Security to help the shul defray the cost of our security improvements. He continues to apply for grants to make our facility and community even safer. 

Know Someone You Would Like to Nominate?

Sun, October 17 2021 11 Cheshvan 5782