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CSK would like to recognize outstanding members of our kehillah through a new Volunteer Recognition Program, Mitnadev. This program is designed for our chaverim to recognize a member who has led a project that has had a significant impact on the synagogue or a member who has gone above and beyond expectations for CSK. The Mitnadev Committee will review all nominees. Selected honorees will be notified of their recognition and interviewed by a Mitnadev committee member. The honoree will be recognized via our CSK Social Media.

*Whosoever is of a willing heart (nadiv libo) -- Because the heart prompts one to generosity, that person is called ‘one who is prompted to generosity by the heart’.” Exodus 35:5

Meet our Mitnadev Recipient!

Eve Nasetti



The newest recipient of the Mitnadev Award for outstanding volunteer service to CSK is Eve Nasetti.  She is a fabulous person who is hardworking and compassionate, and she also cares about community engagement and fun! Eve has been a member of CSK for over 12 years. She has been a Trustee for 4 years, VP of Programming for 2 years and is currently VP of Fundraising. Throughout the years, Eve has planned, supported and shared with us, fun and engaging events - She continued to build on our successful Annual BBQ, where recently we had a record number of attendees. During the height of COVID, CSK received the Synagogue Vegan Challenge Grant which then led Eve and her committee to plan monthly Vegan programming for free. The highlight, was the Tu BiShvat Seder, which had amazing participation from our community  - that all came together to celebrate via Zoom, of course food was involved! Last year, she led a committee to create the UnGala that raised almost $25,000. This past month, we are proud to say that Eve and the Welcome Home Celebration committee, have bypassed last year’s fundraising effort with more donations still rolling in. Eve’s commitment to her CSK family goes above and beyond – and that is why we are awarding you the honor of being our Mit Na Dev.  On behalf of CSK, thank you!

Sun, September 25 2022 29 Elul 5782