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Mitnadev - Volunteer Recognition Program

Volunteer Recognition Program

CSK would like to recognize outstanding members of our kehillah through a new Volunteer Recognition Program, Mitnadev. This program is designed for our chaverim to recognize a member who has led a project that has had a significant impact on the synagogue or a member who has gone above and beyond expectations for CSK. The Mitnadev Committee will review all nominees. Selected honorees will be notified of their recognition and interviewed by a Mitnadev committee member. The honoree will be recognized via our CSK Social Media.

*Whosoever is of a willing heart (nadiv libo) -- Because the heart prompts one to generosity, that person is called ‘one who is prompted to generosity by the heart’.” Exodus 35:5

Criteria for Potential Recipients
This person:
-Goes above and beyond for CSK
-Has led a project to completion
-Volunteers countless hours
-Demonstrates true leadership in the CSK community

Please fill out the following Mitnadev form to recognize a member!
Sun, May 29 2022 28 Iyyar 5782