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Worship & High Holy Days



SHABBAT: Weekly Shabbat services Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. We always enjoy a welcoming Kiddush.

HIGH HOLY DAY SERVICES: Tickets to our inspirational High Holy Day Services are included with full membership and guest tickets are available for purchase.

YOM TOV SERVICES: All Yom Tovs are celebrated at Congregation Shaarei Kodesh. Please check the calendar for the schedule.

Weekday Minyan מנין לחול

Fridays at 8:00 am
Minyan (מנין) is a Hebrew word which implies a quorum of 10 people which is required to hold a complete prayer service including specific prayers such the Kaddish, the Kedusah during the Amidah, public Torah reading, and others.

We are a fully egalitarian synagogue which counts Jewish men and women who are above B’nai Mitzvah age (13 for boys, and 12 for girls). Talit and tefillin are worn during these minyanim. As a fully egalitarian synagogue, we encourage both men and women to wear these timeless prayer garments.

A daily morning (Shacharit) and evening (Maariv) minyan can be arranged for congregants wishing to observe a yahrzeit. Please call the synagogue office two weeks prior to the yahrzeit date.

For information about the Eruv around our Synagogue please click here.

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