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Kemach Torah Campaign

“Ein kemach, ein Torah; ein Torah, ein kemach” “If there is no food, there is no Torah; if there is no Torah, there is no food.”     Pirkei Avot 3:17

We invite you to sponsor a weekly parasha or multiple parshiyot throughout the year. For a $54 donation, you will be able to sponsor the parasha of your choice. You can honor or memorialize your loved ones by:

Y sponsoring parasha of a bar/bat mitzvah

Y memorializing a yahrzeit

Y commemorating a birthday or a wedding

Y celebrating an inspiring parasha

Y connecting to your favorite parasha

Y create your own reason!

There is no limit to the number of parshiyot that can be sponsored. If you find it difficult to choose, we are offering a special Nadiv sponsorship for $540.00 in which you will be able to sponsor the entire year.

CSK will recognize all of our generous donors in the weekly Ezine and in the congregational announcements. Those who become Nadiv sponsors will be invited for an exclusive evening of learning with Rabbi Baum.


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Sun, January 24 2021 11 Shevat 5781