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Members and Guests are invited to support our congregation 

Enter above any additional information you would like noted in our newsletter (for donations from members), or in the donation note. For example - "in honor of Abe's 100th Birthday - Mazel Tov Abe!"

If you would like us to send a note about your donation, please enter above the name and address (if addressee is not a Shaarei Kodesh member) of the person(s) to receive the notification.

Enter donation amount(s) under the names of the fund(s) below to which you wish to donate. Please do not use $. For example, to donate $36 - you can enter either 36 or 36.00.

Please indicate the name(s) of those you are honoring

This fund provides scholarships for teen educational programs at CSK.

Please call the office to provide details of tribute and address of recipient.

This fund supports youth programming at CSK and in the region.

Please call the synagogue office to choose a level of kiddush sponsorship 

For a $36.00 donation, you can celebrate, honor or remember a significant milestone at the quarterly milestone kiddush.

For a $36.00 donation you can choose to be the challah or wine sponsor for one month.

This fund supports programming and scholarships for the Ruth & Lewis Davis Religious school.

This fund helps defray the cost of membership for those in need of dues abatement.

enter $250 above to order or reserve a Yahrzeit plaque and enter information below.

This summer, our sanctuary is being spruced up thanks to the guidance of a professional designer along with our new Beautification Committee. Just imagine how lovely our cozy space will be with new carpet, window treatments, and a fresh coat of paint! We have approximately 1,800 square feet to spruce up. We are asking you to consider making a donation of $18 per square foot, or any multiple thereof, to support this project. Think of it as "Chai for Chai"

Enter name to be printed on plaque or person for whom it is to be reserved.


Sun, April 22 2018 7 Iyyar 5778